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Cevahir Mall Cinema

Son Güncelleme 21 Ocak 2023

I was there today to write the Cevahir Mall Cinema Ticket Prices and to have a movie getaway with the kids. As you know, movie ticket prices vary on weekdays, weekends and public days. Moreover, I can say that Cevahir mall ticket prices wear me out a lot. It has become a cinema that I used to prefer, but lately I couldn’t get close to the box office. It’s good quality, but it’s over my budget. Moreover, since we are 4 people, it is a lot of trouble for me.

Cinema is not essential, of course. But now, children can’t play hide and seek on the street, instead of hanging out on the phone at home and learning nonsense, sometimes I take them if there’s a movie suitable for them.

Friday is one of the most expensive days. Because new movies are released and those who want to watch it first go that day, because they are waiting for the movie. For example, right now, I’m waiting for Avatar and Dancing with Coyotes 6. Okay, the subject is always the same, but I love that quintet. It’s enough for me to laugh twice throughout the movie.

Cevahir Mall movie theaters have higher ticket prices compared to other shopping malls in the vicinity. For example, tickets in Trump mall, which is very close to here, are more affordable up to 20 liras per person, moreover, halls belonging to the same brand. You can also find Trump mall ticket prices here. https://girisfiyati.com/trump-avm-sinema-bilet-fiyatlari/

Cevahir AVM Cinema Ticket Prices
Cevahir AVM Cinema Ticket Prices

Cevahir Mall Cinema Ticket Fees

Cevahir mall movie theaters are also halls, but now. Really, it’s a higher quality living room, but we don’t buy it, isn’t it? I think it would be enough if the theater was good for the movies we wanted very special. Also, since the cinemaksimum deal is over, it says Paribu here too. Now, instead of cinemaksimum, Paribu will appear in the halls.

  İstiklal Street

Cevahir mall Paribu movie theaters got a raise. I am sharing the current prices as of January 2023. Thanks to our brother Şafak Sezer, the interest in cinema has decreased, he says, please, let’s support it, but I don’t know how a family of 4 will go to the cinema with these figures. Share your comments about this subject under the article.

The advantage here is that it’s closer to me. Since the cinema is more preferred in cold weather, no one wants to get wet with children or to catch a cold because of the weather. Moreover, this mall is bigger. The price list in the picture below is not the 2023 list, but the current one at the bottom. I haven’t been able to take an updated picture yet.

Cevahir Mall Cinema Ticket Prices

Now let’s get to the most exciting part. Cevahir Mall Cinema ticket prices were exactly 90 liras, student ticket prices were 80 liras. I will try to write the other days in detail in the table below. You can also write comments, your thoughts. By the way, in theaters, there is always an additional charge for glasses if the film is three-dimensional. It was around 7 liras, but I think it will be 10 liras now.

Let me also point out that if you buy a cinema card of this brand or register with your phone number, points accumulate. Let me tell you, after 5 or 6 tickets, a ticket was almost free, but now that the numbers are increasing, I guess half of it is out.

Cevahir Mall Cinema Ticket Prices

  İstiklal Street

I have written separately below the Cevahir Mall cinema ticket prices, according to the days and type of person. I hope I helped, quickly. Prices are changing very fast these days. I try to keep it updated as much as I can. Please do not forget to take this into consideration when looking at Cevahir Mall cinema ticket prices. Do not forget to write us a comment, bye. Meet nice people, because this break is very important.

To make an update, if you give your phone number when you buy your ticket from the box office, you accumulate points and use those points later. For example, I gave 75 lira instead of 95 lira. Points accumulate every time you go. There is a situation where, on average, 6 or 7 tickets get one free ticket. I did not calculate exactly numerically, but do not forget the point thing. Be sure to add points to your mobile phone. Sometimes, friends at the box office forget about it, in the Cevahir mall paribu movie theater.

In addition, there is no gold class hall in Cevahir mall, instead there is an mpx type hall. The price of this is 104 liras on the weekend and 95 liras for students.

Weekday     Weekend     Monday      Wednesday
Full 90.00 TL             100.00 TL              70.00 TL
Student 80.00            TL 90.00 TL       70.00 TL

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